Vocational skills std 7

The lesson notes has been prepared according to the 2020 Vocational Skills Syllabus for Primary Schools. The lesson notes includes descriptions, illustrations, practical activities, a case study, activities and exercises that enhance learning. You are encouraged to do all the activities, exercises and other assignments provided. This will enable you to develop the intended competencies.  

The lesson consists of 12 chapters which are: 

  1. Good grooming, 
  2. Environment care in residential areas, 
  3. Cookery, 
  4. Principles of singing, 
  5. Principles of acting, 
  6. Clay modelling, 
  7. Photography, 
  8. Screen printing, 
  9. Crop production. 
  10. Livestock production, 
  11. Protecting a consumer and attracting customers and 
  12. Financial services.