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An online platform that provides educational learning content for students and teachers, School PVH website and app gives you access to comprehensive learning content for Primary school, Secondary School and College 

Primary school (swahili and English medium)

  • Sayansi na teknolojia / science and technology, Uraia na maadili/Civic and Moral education, Hisabati / Mathematics, Stadi za kazi / Vocational skills, Maarifa ya jamii /Social studies, Kiswahili and English language

Form one to form six

  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, English, Kiswahili, Geography, History, Civics, Bookkeeping, Commerce, Bible knowledge, Elimu ya dini ya kiislam, Computer science, General study and Economics

  • Educational Psychology, Guidance and Counseling , Educational Research, Measurement and Evaluation, Foundation of Education, Curriculum and Teaching, Communication skills in English, Development studies, Entrepreneurship skills 
Learn, Revise and Discuss with friends, Anytime, Anywhere. School PVH gives you the freedom to learn from qualified learning content that is prepared by experienced and dedicated teachers.

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