Social studies std 7

The lesson notes is prepared according to the 2020 Social Studies Syllabus for Primary Schools The notes includes illustrations, practical activities, and exercises that enhance learning. You are, therefore, encouraged to do all the activities and exercises in this lesson notes together with other assignments provided by your teacher.

This lesson notes consists of 12 chapters, which are: 

  1. Natural hazards, 
  2. Human development and production tools, 
  3. Climate of Tanzania, 
  4. Tanzanian traditions and customs, 
  5. Transportation and cooperation between Tanzania and other countries, 
  6. Techniques used to fight for independence in Africa.
  7. Development in post-independence Tanzania, 
  8. Uses of maps, 
  9. The Solar system, 
  10. Population and settlement 
  11. Economic activities in the East African Community and 
  12. Entrepreneurship,