Social studies std 5

The notes has been prepared based on the 2016 Social Studies Syllabus for Primary Schools, This will facilitate mastery of the intended skills, knowledge and attitudes.  Each chapter contains activities, case study and exercises. You are encouraged to do all the activities and answer all the questions intended for assessing your understanding. 

This notes is divided into fourteen chapters: 

  1. The environment, 
  2. Keeping records of historical events, 
  3. Weather, 
  4. Culture, 
  5. Interactions between Tanzania, Europe and Asia before colonialism, 
  6. The partition of Africa, 
  7. African heroes who resisted European colonial conquests, 
  8. Colonial rule, 
  9. African heroes after independence, 
  10. Maps, 
  11. The solar system, 
  12. Our resources
  13. Production activities
  14. Entrepreneurship.