Science and Technology std 6

The notes is prepared according to the 2016 Science and Technology Syllabus for Primary Schools, The notes includes explanations, illustrations, practical activities, exercises and experiments that enhance learning. You are encouraged to do all activities, experiments and exercises. This will enable you to develop the intended competencies.

This notes consists of 18 chapters, which are: 

  1. Air, 
  2. Growth in plants, 
  3. Photosynthesis,
  4.  Soil, 
  5. Electric energy, 
  6. Renewable energy, 
  7. Work and machines, 
  8. Osmosis and diffusion, 
  9. Spreadsheet program 
  10. Internet. 
  11. Environmental Cleanliness, 
  12. First aid, 
  13. Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), HIV and AIDS, 
  14. Hereditary diseases, 
  15. Health services, 
  16. Blood circulatory system, 
  17. Puberty, and 
  18. Reproductive system.