science and technology std 5

The notes has been prepared based on the 2016 Science and Technology Syllabus for Primary Schools, This will enable you to develop the intended competences which are observation, innovation, investigation, creativity, and application of scientific and technological information. 

This notes consists of seventeen chapters which are 

  1. Living things, 
  2. Photosynthesis, 
  3. Reproduction in plants and animals, 
  4. Ecology, 
  5. Adaptation of living things to their environment, 
  6. Light energy, 
  7. Electrical energy, 
  8. Magnet, 
  9. Effects of forces on matter, 
  10. Communication, 
  11. Simple machine, 
  12. Scientific experiments, 
  13. Body cleanness and health, 
  14. First aid, 
  15. Epidemic diseases, 
  16. HIV and AIDS and 
  17. Excretion.