Prophethood in Islam

In order to the life to be meaningful man should know what he is and why has he been created. He is also ought to know the purpose of creation and the meaning of life itself.

There must be someone to tell man, who has provided him with all the powers and resources and why? What is the proper value of life and how can they be attained? This is the cardinaI need of man so that he can succeed in life here and hereafter.

"While God has produced men of destination in arts and sciences. He has also raised men with deep vision; pure intuition, and light faculties to know and understand Him. To them; He Himself revealed the way of godliness, piety, and righteousness He gave them the knowledge of the ends of life and values of morality and entrusted them with the duty to communicate the Divine revelation to other human beings and show them the right path. These men are the Prophets and Messengers of God" (Maududi - 1940)

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