Civic and moral std 6

The lesson notes is prepared according to the 2016 Civic and Moral Education Syllabus for Primary Schools,  The notes contain activities and exercises that enhance learning. You are encouraged to do all activities and exercises. This will enable you to develop the intended competencies.

There lesson notes consists of 16 chapters, namely; 

  1. Loving family members, 
  2. Being proud of your school and (oving our country, 
  3. Structure of the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania, 
  4. Democracy, 
  5. Caring for others, 
  6. Environmental conservation 
  7. Building good relationships with others.
  8.  Being responsible and protecting public resources, 
  9. Fulfilling responsibilities, 
  10. Obeying laws and regulations, 
  11. Self-discipline, 
  12. Tolerance in life, 
  13. Learning inquisitrvely, 
  14. Being trustworthy, 
  15. Observing human rights 
  16. Tanzania’s relations with other countries.