Civic and moral education std 7

The lesson notes is based on the 2020 Civic and Moral Education Syllabus for Primary Schools, This notes includes pictures, activities and exercises intended to enhance learning. You are  encouraged to do all the activities and exercises in this lesson notes together with other assignments provided by your teacher

This lesson notes consists of 14 chapters, namely 

  1. Loving others in the community, 
  2. Loving and being proud of your school, 
  3. Loving and being proud of your country, 
  4. Caring for ourselves and other people, 
  5. Building good relationship with other people, 
  6. Protecting resources in the interest of our country, 
  7. Fulfilling responsibilities in the society, 
  8. Communication network, laws and regulations, 
  9. Being patient, 
  10. Achieving goals
  11. Learning by critical analysis, 
  12. Being trustworthy in the community, 
  13. The pillar of the state in Protecting human rights and 
  14. Building friendships with other countries.