By the end of the lesson, the student must have the ability to: 

  • Understand Gods creation and knowledge God as creator of everything and take responsibility as God’s steward. 
  • Use the knowledge gained in caring for environment and avoid sinful life. 
  • Apprehend and appreciate human dignity and gender equality. 
  • Appreciate Gods unconditional love too Abraham and learn to walk with God with faith. 
  • Apply what they learn in the stories of Abraham and Joseph  
  • Strengthen their faith in God and use it in daily life.

Creation [Genesis 1&2] 

  • First account of creation. 
  • Second account of creation. 
  • The Garden of Eden. 
The fall and its outcome [Genesis 3-11] 

  • Fall of man 
  • Cain and Abel 
  • The flood 
  • The tower of Babel. 

Life of Abraham [Genesis12-21] 

  • Call, promise and covenant. 
  • Isaac. 

Sons of Isaac [Genesis 25-50] 

  • The birth of Esau and Jacob. 
  • Jacob and his family.
  • Joseph and his life in Egypt. 
  • Jacob moves to Egypt.